Image of Parts of a flower
3 November 2022

Parts of a flower

All hands on to locate the parts of a flower and to recreate pollination. 

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Image of Waters of the World
1 November 2022

Waters of the World

Our Waters of the World topic has come to an end. The working wall has come down to make room for the Industrial Revolution one.

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Image of Real Life maths
6 October 2022

Real Life maths

Year 5 were busy calculating costs from a well known chain of restaurants this morning. We looked through the menu and budgeted for our visit. Some quick fire column addition and counting on skills (to calculate change) in operation.

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Image of Big Friends Little Friends - The First meet!
24 September 2022

Big Friends Little Friends - The First meet!

This week, we met our Little friends for the first time. Big Friends, Little Friends is a buddy system between Year 5 and Reception children. We will meet up throughout the year to play, learn, share books and enjoy different activities together. This week, the children started to find out a…

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Image of Recounts and Tension
23 September 2022

Recounts and Tension

Our 2 writng pieces so far have been aimed at recounting a traumatic night in a lighthouse and creating tension through walking in woods at night. He are Niamh's fantastic pieces. Enjoy.

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Image of Basic Conditioning
18 July 2022

Basic Conditioning

Today Year 4 have been learning how to use basic conditioning in an algorithm. We have used 'if' and 'when' statements to control a character in a game when other characters' actions are not predictable. 

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Image of Coding
14 July 2022


Year 4 have been creating a range of algorithms on Light Bot Hour. Once they have created their algorithm, they have tested it to check for any bugs. If they have identified any, they have carefully checked their code and debugged it. To finish, we explored function blocks and looked for repeating…

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Image of Leaf identification
30 June 2022

Leaf identification

Year 4 had a fantastic afternoon identifying trees in our local woods by using a classfication key.

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28 June 2022

4 Willow DT Textiles

Year 4 have finished sewing their bags for their project. The children made sure they met the design specifcation. 

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Image of Times Table Check Complete
21 June 2022

Times Table Check Complete

Today Year 4 completed their Times Table check. They have worked incredibly hard since September to retain their maths facts and have been doing lots of additional practise at home. We had a lovely time celebrating with an extra play.

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