3 October 2022

Year 1 - Food Technology

During our Food Technology lessons we have been looking at different vegetables and fruit. We have looked at where they come from and if they grow above ground or under ground. We also got to taste some vegetables and we discussed whether we liked them and what they tasted like and we described…

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26 September 2022

Year 1 bird spotting

As part of our Science topic we are looking at animals, this week we were looking at birds. We looked at their features like feathers and beaks, we then went on a walk in our local area to see if we could spot any of the birds from our bird spotting sheet.



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26 September 2022

Year 1 Forest school

Year 1 have had a really fun time at forest school, they learnt some rules of forest school and got to explore some of the forsest school areas.  The children enjoyed building dens, climbing trees and helping each other up and down the big hills!



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Image of Reception go wild on the wild side
29 June 2022

Reception go wild on the wild side

Reception have enjoyed exploring the wild side. We have been making dens and swings out of rope and loose parts, rolling down the hill and searching for bugs! We are also becoming more confident on the climbing frame. What do you like doing on the wild side? 

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Image of Reception Jubilee preparation
23 May 2022

Reception Jubilee preparation

Reception have loved our Jubilee preparation so far. We have created bunting, painted portraits of the queen, learnt how to draw guards, designed and made crowns and tiaras, dressed up in the role play castle and created a tea party in our outdoor learning. We cannot wait for our real tea party on…

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13 May 2022

Reception Pirate Day!

To finish off our pirate topic in Reception the children have practised and performed a pirate song! We hope you enjoy it! Arrrrrr!

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Image of Reception's first ICT suite lesson!
4 May 2022

Reception's first ICT suite lesson!

Today we went to the ICT suite for the first time. We learnt what a monitor, keyboard and mouse are. We learnt how to hold the left button down on the mouse and move it to make marks on the computer. We were shocked that we couldn’t touch the screen to make marks like on a tablet! some of us…

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Image of Reception Cookery club
3 May 2022

Reception Cookery club

Reception have started an after school Cookery club! On Wednesday we prepared ourselves by washing our hands with soap and water and put on our aprons and chef hats. We each made a pitta bread pizza ready for our tea that night. Whilst we were making our pizza we all tried the ingredients to see…

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Image of Reception Ducklings
5 April 2022

Reception Ducklings

We have had the most fabulous time watching the ducklings hatch from their eggs and grow over the last few weeks. They have now moved on to their forever home at a local farm and we will continue to update you on their progress. What did you enjoy most about having the ducks?

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Image of Mystery Readers in Reception
16 March 2022

Mystery Readers in Reception

We have loved inviting mystery readers into our class this half term. Every Wednesday one of our parents has come in to read their favourite children’s story to us. It has been so exciting finding out which parent is coming to read a story. If you would like to be a mystery reader just send your…

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Image of Rocket launch
15 March 2022

Rocket launch

We loved watching the rocket launch on Friday. We were amazed with how high it went. This week we are going to make our own rockets with recycled materials in the craft area.

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9 March 2022

Science week in Reception


This week has been Science week in Reception. We have loved being scientists! We have investigated and explored with gloop, magnets, floating and sinking, bugs, ice and salt. We have also enjoyed some science experiments including mixing mentos with coke- this made a huge explosion! Which…

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