5 October 2022

Year 6 are growing mould!

This half term, Year 6 have been learning all about living things including plants, animals and microorganisms.

At the end of the topic, they were asked to be scientists and to plan an investigation where they were growing their own microorganisms - mould.

Last week, the investigation was…

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4 October 2022

Year 6 are being inductive!

Year 6 have spent a large proportion of the day today being inductive.  They have been discovering the learning for themselves and then using this to help them understand different topics further.


We began this in Maths where we were working out how to carry out calculations of 2 digit x 2…

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23 September 2022

Year 6 Living Things Science Walk

Year 6 went on a walk through the woods with ipads to see what living things they could find.  Whilst on the search, the children were very excited to find 2 squirrels chasing each other up a tree, a millipede just hanging around and some fungi too!


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23 September 2022

Jeans for genes Year 6

Year 6 wore their jeans to school to raise awareness and money for children with genetic disorders. 




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8 September 2022

Year 6 - English through the Creative Arts

Today, Year 6 have been looking at developing our English descriptive skills through the use of the creative arts.  First, we listened to some music and talked about what images we could see and what helped us create these images.  We then watched a video clip to help these thoughts.  We used…

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Image of Big friends and Little friends
25 July 2022

Big friends and Little friends

Today, we met up with our Little friends for the final time, to share Thank you cards and wish them Good Luck in Year 1!


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Image of Greek myth - fight scene drama
24 July 2022

Greek myth - fight scene drama

In English this term, we have been reading and writing Ancient Greek myths. This week, we had fun acting out our fight scenes between our heroes and monsters. 

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Image of Global Policing
24 July 2022

Global Policing

Thank you to everyone from the Global Policing team, for their teaching and support this term. The children have enjoyed learning about how they can keep themselves safe, and become great citizens of the future. 

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Image of Year 5 Design Technology- Bridges project
24 July 2022

Year 5 Design Technology- Bridges project

Year 5 have enjoyed researching, designing and building their very own bridges this term. They took a lot of hard work and perseverance, but the finished results look fantastic! 

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Image of Final Bridge Build
19 July 2022

Final Bridge Build

We completed our bridge building project to span the River Amazon. Here is a great example of triangular structures to give the bridge support.

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Image of Little Friends
17 July 2022

Little Friends

On Friday, we visited reception to meet our little friends beore the make the move to year 1. We had some great adventures on the wild side. Not quite sure about the fish slice though!

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Image of Sports Day
22 June 2022

Sports Day

More photos on Dojo Class story. 

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