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The government have decided to do a test at the end of year 4 to make sure everyone knows their times tables up to 12 because when some children reach year 5 or 6 they don't know their times tables and that's why we are here today to make sure no one fails.


Our School  council have decided this year to focus on encouraging children at Dowson to learn their times tables. Times tables are vital towards your learning since they are guaranteed to help you throughout decimals,fractions,division and lots of other skills that you may need throughout life.

Times Tables Songs

Here are some videos of time tables songs that can help your child learn their times tables.


8 times table.

4 times table.

6 times table.

7 times table.

3 times table.

9 times table.

11 times table

12 times table



Click on an image below to play a multiplication game.