Image of Citizenship Award
21 October 2022

Citizenship Award

Well done to Willow and Poplar's Citizenship Award winners for the first half term. Both children are an absolute pleasure to teach and they both always look out for everyone around them - adults and peers. They display our Dowson 'PACT' values everyday. We are very proud of you both!

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Image of Sycamore's Great Citizen Award Winner
21 October 2022

Sycamore's Great Citizen Award Winner

Sycamore's Great Citizen Award Winner for the first half term. This was awarded as he is one of the kindest children I have had the pleasure of teaching and he looks out for everyone around him - adults and peers.

Well done and keep it up...I am sure you will

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Image of Year 2 - Great Fire of London painting
20 October 2022

Year 2 - Great Fire of London painting

We have learnt so many facts about the Great Fire of London, and this week we completed some paintings of what London looked like during this time.


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19 October 2022

Boy's Football

The boys made their seasonal debut tonight with a mini tournament against Russell Scott and Buckton Vale. Unfortunately, we lost both our games 0-1 and 0-2.

Congratulations to Buckton Vale for progressing to the Tameside finals of the Pokemon Cup.

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Image of Year 2 - Microhabitats 2
17 October 2022

Year 2 - Microhabitats 2

What a beautiful day to investigate where invertebrates in our playground, and on our wild side live, ie on leaves or under logs.

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Image of What a busy week
14 October 2022

What a busy week

What a fabulously, busy week we have had this week! We have enjoyed learning about the book ‘The Colour Monster’ and have been learning about different emotions and how they can make us feel. This is a very important part of our curriculum as it helps us to learn to name our emotions and begin to…

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Image of Tag Rugby
14 October 2022

Tag Rugby

We entered the Tameside tag rugby competition last night. A great effort from the team saw them finish second in their group with 2 wins, 2 draws and 1 defeat. As ever, the children were fantastic ambassadors for the academy. It was also nice to see some children representing the academy for the…

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Image of Year 6 Homework
13 October 2022

Year 6 Homework

Year 6 have been working incredibly hard on their homework this half term! Children created art work, models, poems, fact files, family trees and sent photos of nature walks with their families. We are so proud of the efforts and have loved sharing them in class. Here are some examples of their…

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Image of Year 2 - Microhabitats
11 October 2022

Year 2 - Microhabitats

Today we went on a walk on our wild side looking for invertebrates and their microhabitats.


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Image of Owl Babies
7 October 2022

Owl Babies

This week, we have finished our topic on 'All about Me'. We talked about ourselves, our families and got to know each other as classes. We then read the story 'Owl Babies' about 3 baby owls who 'lose' their mum. We have learnt all about owls: what they like to eat, how they look, how they come out…

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Image of Real Life maths
6 October 2022

Real Life maths

Year 5 were busy calculating costs from a well known chain of restaurants this morning. We looked through the menu and budgeted for our visit. Some quick fire column addition and counting on skills (to calculate change) in operation.

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Image of Diary Vocabulary
6 October 2022

Diary Vocabulary

Year 4 have been learning some new vocabulary which they can use in their Pompeii diary entries next week. We used word art to explain the meaning on the words and wrote a sentence which could be used containing the word for our diary entries.

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