On Tuesday, Nursery went to Reddish Vale farm for our trip. We went on a coach which was very exciting! We split into 2 groups. One group went to see the big animals and one group went to see the small animals. In the big animals, we met: A shire horse called Vera, 3 donkeys, some meerkats, some sheep, goats and cows and some alpacas. We were told all about the animals and the different names for the males and females such as a Nanny, Billy and a kid for a goat. The small animals were a guinea pig, rabbits,  chicks and ducklings. They were very cute and everyone had a go at stroking them. We then had a chance to play in the playpark and ate our dinner. Then it was home time. We had a fantastic time, all the children were so well behaved and did Dowson proud. Well done to everyone and thank you to all our parent helpers. A special thanks to Reddish Vale Farm who were excellent with us.